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Beacon International is a leader in the evaluation, sales and service of new and pre-owned medical imaging equipment.  Our straight forward full service approach and our commitment to integrity, reliability and expertise makes us refreshingly unique in an ever increasingly complex industry,  Our experience and dedication to the customer makes us the right choice whether it be for new or pre-owned equipment purchase, evaluation of your existing assets, disposition of your surplus assets or relocation or reallocation of your equipment.  Beacon international can help you.  We give the peace of mind that everything will move smoothly and seamlessly and allow you to do what you do best, provide the best quality care to your patients.

Dedicated to Pre-owned Medical Imaging Equipment and Pre-owned Ultrasound.

Looking for a company  that is well versed in Pre-owned Medical Imaging Equipment and Pre-owned Ultrasound related matters? Beacon International has become an expert in its industry and a solidified company in the United States. Over the years we have accumulated numerous testimonials from satisfied clients and have completed many successful projects.

Moreover, Beacon International has built an impressive portfolio containing past experiences pertaining to Pre-owned Medical Imaging Equipment and Pre-owned Ultrasound. This allows us to show potential clients our vast and versatile capabilities as a company. We prefer for our work to speak for itself.

Beacon International is intent on providing our clients with the highest quality and most beneficial results. Whether you are interested in Pre-owned Equipment or price conscious solutions, we offer valuable options. We will continue to conduct business in the international marketplace and strive to bring customers a reliable source for Pre-owned Medical Imaging Equipment and Pre-owned Ultrasound. Please feel comfortable to contact us with any questions or comments. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Consulting & Parts

It is only natural to shop around from one company to the next when in need of Consulting or Parts. But Beacon International wants you to have a valid and clearly reliable option. If you are spending your hard earned money, you should end-up with a desired product. This is precisely why Beacon International guarantees quality assistance.